Become familiar with Japanese culture
by the Matsue Horikawa River.
Helping you to make a wonderful connection,
"Koubou Kisyou".

“Koubou Kisyou” is a workshop where visitors can interact with traditional craftsmen and local artists of “Monozukuri Japan” through hands-on production experience. The location is at the picturesque Matsue Horikawa, where you can enjoy the Japanese culture experience in a quiet space with a wonderful view. Visitors can also enjoy Japanese sweets and tea while admiring the townscape, which is one of the 100 best in Japan. The name of the workshop is named after “raimatsu,” which means “coming to Matsue. We are here to help make your trip to Matsue the most memorable experience of your life. We look forward to meeting you. In the workshop, there is a store where you can find traditional crafts and works by local artists that will satisfy those who want to be particular. Please feel free to purchase them as souvenirs or mementos.


2F Matsue Gokoro, 318 Kitabori-cho, Matsue, Shimane 690-0888, Japan
tel: 0852-61-8611
fax: 0852-61-8701
OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 16:00
OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 17:00 (summer season)
non-scheduled holiday
*Please use the nearest parking lot (no parking).