Up to 30 people can be accepted.
Please contact us by phone or inquiry form.
tel 0852-61-8611


If you would like to experience a class, please make a reservation at least one week in advance by phone or by filling out the reservation form.
Please make a reservation at least one month in advance to experience Tatami accessories.
Reservations by phone
TEL 0852-61-8611
Reservations through the website
Please click the reservation button below.
Kumiko experience is available without reservations.

2,200Yen〜/person - from 1 person (Including material costs)
Chiyogamimizaiku Tsumamizaiku Magatama
Chiyogamimizaiku Tsumamizaiku Magatama
1,980Yen/person - from 1 person (Including material costs)
Iwami Kagura red seal book band
1,650Yen/person - from 1 person(Including material costs)
Choshi art
2,550Yen/person - from 2 person (Including material costs)
Small articles for tatami
2,200Yen/person(Includes Japanese sweets and tea) Acceptable from 5 to 30 persons (Including material costs)
The experience will last approximately 2 hours.