About Kumiko

Kumiko work has a long history and is said to date back to the Asuka Period. During the Asuka period, it was also used to decorate armor. As the demand for wooden architecture increased during the Edo period (1603-1867), the number of combinations of Kumiko patterns increased significantly, and the culture of Kumiko work greatly flourished. In recent years, Kumiko has become a popular art form throughout the world, blending into daily life as well as into traditional crafts, such as artistic expression, ornaments, and accessories.

Intricate geometric patterns created
by meticulous workmanship

What you will experience

“You can experience the creation of various patterns by embedding components called “leaves” into a framework called “jigumi”.
Please enjoy the traditional technique of creating patterns without using nails or glue.”

It has been used in
Japanese architecture
since the Asuka period (710-794)
for shoin-style architecture
and ranma.

The store in the studio sells accessories and other items made of kumiko.